Selling house easy in hot real-estate market, buying not


I might put my house on the market just so I can enjoy the spectacle of people clamoring to pay me more than my asking price.

I wouldn’t actually sell it because then I’d have to move, which means paying someone else more than their asking price.

That’s the Catch-22 of the area’s red-hot housing market — if your home value is skyrocketing, so is everyone else’s. You might sell high but you certainly aren’t going to buy low.

Of course, buyers aren’t going to listen to that. I know I never did.

We had a less-intense version of the current market when we last bought a house in 1993. There weren’t bidding wars as there are now, but there were bidding skirmishes. We lost one of those, and I still think about the house that got away. It had good closet space.

Columnist Joe Blundo

But soon we found another to fall in love with. Infatuated by its dimensions, we didn’t see the house’s flaws during our ardent pursuit. It was only later — say a half-hour after the…

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