Metaverse Real Estate Market to grow by USD 5.37 billion from 2021 to 2026| Driven by Growing Popularity of Mixed Reality & Cryptocurrency| Technavio


Metaverse Real Estate Market 2022-2026: Scope

 Our metaverse real estate market report covers the following areas:

Metaverse Real Estate Market 2022-2026: Drivers & Challenges

The key factor driving the global metaverse in real estate market growth is the growing popularity of mixed reality and cryptocurrency. The evolution of VR into a more mixed reality creates readability in virtual spaces by decoding tags and annotations. People accessing metaverse platforms can buy the real estate land, and they can either sell or lease it to others. In addition, the growing application of cryptocurrencies such as NFT, bitcoin, and Litecoin in purchasing digital assets is creating interest in end-users, especially enterprises. For instance, such cryptocurrencies offer greater accessibility to the virtual real estate sector. Instead of visiting a physical site, buyers can instantly visit metaverse virtual plots to purchase virtually. Therefore, such factors are…

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