Berkshire region real estate sales



3 Mckinley Street: Robert T. Mclear of Adams to Matthew Baldwin, $246,000 on 12/13/2021

14 Hastings Street: Anthony F. Scieszka of Adams to Tracy A. Videtta and Laura J. Videtta, $300,000 on 12/16/2021

33 Notch Road: Tyler A. Bissaillon of Adams to Erin E. Vincent, $192,000 on 12/14/2021

35 Spring Street: Greenridge Ent LLC of Adams to Pramukh Oasis RE LLC, $500,000 on 12/15/2021

45 East Street: Richard S. Cain and Felicitas E. Hofmann of Adams to Redesigned Dwellings LLC, $195,000 on 12/14/2021

50 Hathaway Street: David F. Wandrei and Marilyn Armstrong of Adams to Jonathan T. Satko and Ashley R. Satko, $237,000 on 12/15/2021


235 Fred Snow Road: Corey G. Sparks of Becket to Molly L. Aliberti and Adam A. Aliberti, $369,900 on 12/13/2021


75 School Street: Brady J. Kuzia of Clarksburg to Topia Arts LLC and Mariah T. Worth, $145,900 on 12/16/2021


39 Cliff Street: Lenski Robert I Est and Jeffrey J. Lenski of Dalton to…

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