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The real estate market in late 2021 is still booming, but it’s largely still a seller’s market. And while this is great for the real estate business (and for eager seller’s), some property managers are having a hard time trying to keep up.

But what about those property managers who also act as primary contractors? Well, it’s a busy life to say the least, especially now. 

Contractors don’t typically manage properties. But you’d be surprised to learn that many of  those just starting out in the real estate world are doubling as property manager and primary contractor. And in many ways this can be of great benefit because you’re the one performing the maintenance, purchasing new properties, and building new homes.

So what are the tools that you’ll need to have to be successful as both a property manager and a contractor? The following post will give you the answers. 

As a property manager, you’re mostly sitting in an office for most of…

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