Real estate market activity strong in May


Photo by Fabio Balbi /

Estimates by real estate broker Duna House show the strongest May real estate market activity in years, with a 5% increase in sales compared to 2019 and a nearly 70% increase compared to last year’s low point caused by the first wave of COVID.

The company’s experts expect the property market to close the second quarter with a total of 38,000-40,000 transactions.

The real estate brokerage’s estimate of 14,198 sales in May and the Demand Index of 89 points indicate an active real estate market. This is supported by the mortgage market, which is estimated to have reached another record volume of over HUF 100 billion, with new loan products related to home creation subsidies also playing a role in the growth. 

The Budapest metropolitan area remains one of the most active segments of the housing market. Looking at monthly data…

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