Real Estate, Coffee and Everything in Between

Debra McElroy (courtesy photo)

Alexandria, VA – The April issue of the Zebra highlights all facets of the real estate industry. Mrs. Debra McElroy is a realtor at the Alexandria branch of Century 21 New Millennium. She has been active in real estate for 11 years, including nine years focused in Northern Virginia. From our meeting, I could see Mrs. McElroy’s passion for real estate and how committed she is to educating her clients to make the best decisions possible when making one of the largest purchases of their lives.

Zebra: What would you say makes real estate an exciting career field?

Mrs. McElroy: I would say the people and helping them find their dream home. I always feel a sense of accomplishment when my client walks away with a big smile because they have achieved their goal of becoming a homeowner. There’s nothing in the world more rewarding.

Zebra: What sets you apart from other real estate agents?

Mrs. McElroy: I am very…

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