Real estate broker Bill Baldwin finds and remodels lake house next door to his childhood cottage


Houston real estate broker Bill Baldwin spent much of his childhood fishing and water skiing on Sunset Lake outside of Huntsville, and now he’s re-creating the dream for his own family.

After spending months ripping out walls, reworking the interior and waiting for building materials and furnishings, he sits on his backyard patio on a crisp fall day, sharing an al fresco lunch with his partner of seven years, Fady Armanious.

Armanious, creative director at Tootsie’s womens’ clothing store, had been tending shrimp on an outdoor grill after preparing a chopped salad in their remodeled kitchen.

Through the week, the two men live in Houston and are part of the hustle-and-bustle of busy lives, in demanding jobs, attending philanthropic events and hosting a few of their own.

But just an hour away from their urban home is their rustic lake house they spent months restoring to its pre-1970 glory.

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