Real Estate Alphabet Soup: Y Is for Yard | Miles & Stockbridge P.C.


In my last post, “Real Estate Alphabet Soup: X Is for X-factor” I continued my primer on the “alphabet soup” of real estate. This post continues to stir the “alphabet soup” with the letter Y.

Y is for “Yard.” Not a “yard” in the sense of a precise linear measurement, but rather, a “yard” in the sense of the open area situated around buildings and structures. Although, of course, there are precise measurements required to determine the location, boundaries and area of a “yard.”

Webster’s Dictionary defines “yard” as “a small, usually walled and often paved area open to the sky and adjacent to a building”. When hearing the word “yard” many of us may immediately think of the grassy back yard where we grew up playing, and where we relax, recreate and enjoy the outdoors. A “yard” may also be a paved or unpaved storage or maintenance yard surrounding buildings in a business or industrial area. Or a “yard”…

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