Ray Reynolds: Candidate for Henry County School Board | Govt. and Politics


“Henry County Schools is the largest employer in Henry County, and the insurance is as bad as it can get,” said Reynolds. “Although the insurance is paid [by the county] for the employee, if a teacher has two children and a spouse, it’s costs about $1,500 a month for a teacher to get family coverage.”

Reversion in 2023 will fold the Martinsville City Public Schools system into Henry County, and Reynolds said that will create the need for a specific school to help non-English speaking students.

“We need a transition school so non-English speaking students can learn to function,” Reynolds said. “It’s possible Martinsville High School could become both a transition school and a trade school after reversion, but we’ve got to have more money to operate the school system so kids get a proper education.”

Reynolds said he agreed with Martinsville Circuit Court Clerk Ashby Pritchett’s opinion that the City and Henry County overstepped their legal authority by…

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