Raoul Pal Warns Global Economic Slowdown Incoming – Here’s His Stock Market, Bitcoin, and Crypto Forecast


Real Vision CEO and macro economic guru Raoul Pal believes a global economic slowdown is coming.

In a new interview on the Best Business Show, Pal cites several indicators that he says suggest there will be slower economic growth and therefore more stimulus from governments.


“The work that I’ve been doing suggests that the likelihood is the economy, the global economy, slows down pretty significantly into next year. And again, we might see more stimulus and more fiscal stimulus coming as well. So I look at it very differently to what most people are seeing, but on the horizon because of the fiscal cliff, we’ve got like 3.5% of GDP coming off from the fiscal cliff. We’ve got all of the spending brought forward that everybody, including me, did up their houses over the previous year. 

We’ve also got the fact that oil prices have gone up, that hits household expenditure. Prices in general hit household expenditure. You see these…

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