QNET launches ‘Mama’ anti-scam campaign for public education


Multinational e-commerce based direct selling company, QNET has launched a 360-degree marketing and advertising campaign in Ghana. The Campaign’s main objective is to educate the public about QNET’s business and highlight the red flags associated with a scam. The campaign will be running across other sub-Saharan African countries where the company operates.

The campaign concept is inspired by the quintessential African mother who frowns on bad behaviour while guiding and correcting with the right information and values.

Named the “Mama Campaign”, the messaging of the campaign targets the public, the media, and the government stakeholders. The multichannel campaign will be broadcasted through radio, television, social media, and Out-of-Home advertising (billboards).

QNET, for more than 23 years, has been successful in developing unique products and services to meet the evolving needs of its customers across the world.

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