Pune: Police recover Rs 1 crore in investment scam where 570 hearing and speech impaired people were duped


The Pune city police have so far recovered an amount of Rs 1 crore while probing the scam where 570 hearing- and speech-impaired people were cheated through a fraudulent investment scheme that promised double returns within two months. Six people were arrested in this case, all of whom are also hearing and speech impaired.

The police have now appealed to investors in this case to return any additional amount they have received from the accused in the case. β€œInvestors who got additional returns should submit demand drafts in the name of district judge at the EOW (Economic Offences Wing) office. It will enable the police to help the investors who lost their money in this case,” a police press release said.

According to the police, the accused formed private companies named Platinium Investment and Finance Global Solutions and Suyo Abhi Enterprises and lured several hearing- and speech-impaired people from Pune through investment…

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