Pueblo Police using new technology, automatically triggering bodycams when gun is pulled


PUEBLO — The Pueblo Police Department is using some of the most innovative technology on the market, in an effort to ensure their safety and everyone’s they encounter on duty.

The entire department will be required to use the same kind of Glock on duty, which triggers their body camera to activate as soon as the weapon is removed from the holster.

“It’s great,” said Anthony Masciotra, a Police Department Corporal with the SRO Unit.

“I knew in the long it would be beneficial to them. Like our old chief told us: If you go into a Loaf n Jug or something like that, you aren’t worried about turning on your camera,” said Masciotra.

The department spent $168,177.00 on 250 Glocks and holsters, with 2 magazines and a light each. The funds were allocated from federal forfeiture funds the department had received.

Up until now, officers could use any type of gun on duty they wanted, as long as it came from a “reputable manufacturer”.

“Initially there was a lot of…

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