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Bringing people together with a meal: that’s what the program “Dinner for a Dollar” has been all about.

On Friday night in Hamden, Grace and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church celebrated 10 years of giving back and breaking bread through Dinner for a Dollar.

“I noticed people were experiencing hardships, food hardships,” said Allison Batson, founder and coordinator of Dinner for a Dollar.

That observation and the need to act created a community. Every Friday, Grace and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church on Dixwell Avenue in Hamden brings people together to eat and catch up with one another.

“The dollar is optional. It’s a donation, and it tends to preserve people’s dignity. So if you want, you’re not getting something for nothing. You’re paying your way and enjoying a meal in the process and a community in the process.”

– Allison Batson

“We had the opportunity to meet all kinds of people from every walk of life in a…

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