Protect. Respect. Let’s fight COVID-19 together. Not against ourselves | Business


Just a few short weeks ago, we celebrated with many as restrictions that were disrupting our lives and putting local businesses and the jobs they support at risk were finally lifted. The news was full of stories about how our community and our economy were “roaring back” as we moved to reclaim our traditions and our way of living.

Today, it’s clear that we haven’t yet beaten the virus. The number of our neighbors and friends who are in the hospital has returned to unacceptable levels. We had to dig our masks out again.

The debates resumed around what measures worked or didn’t, should be tried or shouldn’t.

We’re all tired and frustrated and just a little grumpy with each other.

We’re all tired of the restrictions and the arguments. Fall is a season of school starting and lots of community and non-profit events…

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