Prosper DJ and wife accused of scamming ‘tens of millions’ off Blacks nationwide in ‘blessing loom’ pyramid scheme


Disc jockey ASAP, aka Marlon Moore, welcomed members to a Zoom call by saying, “You received an invite here because someone loves you. Say thank you in the chat.”

The meeting was for Blessings In No Time, a Black-only community started last year by Marlon and his wife, LaShonda Moore, out of their home in Prosper. The Zoom greeting is documented on a members watchdog site.

Members were told if they put in $1,400 (later upped to $1,425) and recruited two members, they would receive a “blessing” that was eight times their initial contribution — $11,200 (later upped to $11,400) — when they wanted to “bless out,” or leave. For new members, two recruits could be provided for them to ease the process. If they ever wanted out earlier, they could request a refund.

But the too-good-to-be-true plan fell apart in January after some BINT members said they not only didn’t get the $11,200 payout but also weren’t able to get a refund. The Texas…

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