project44 initiates aggressive global expansion amid COVID, supply chain crisis


Project44, a leading real-time transportation visibility provider, is meeting the challenge of COVID-19 and the supply chain crisis head-on, with an ambitious plan to grow aggressively in multiple global regions, including Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Recent acquisitions by project44, conversations with company executives, key new hires and documents obtained by FreightWaves tell the story of the visibility startup’s evolving approach to international expansion.

Adam Compain, senior vice president of product marketing at project44 — and previously the founder and CEO of ClearMetal, which p44 acquired in May — described the complex, multidimensional snarl that global supply chains are in. Ports in North America and Asia are congested, overflowing with freight and waiting vessels, while intermodal service has deteriorated and tight trucking capacity has sent spot rates through the roof. Shippers are trying…

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