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Cloud fax technology
Brenda Hopkins
Chief Health Information Officer
J2 Global
The time element of using a fax machine is not the issue, it is the workflow and the lack of system integration. If interoperability of systems was easy and worked, faxing as we know it would be eliminated. Use of traditional paper fax, specifically the fax machine, is around because it is an established familiar technology that most people would agree works. Afterall, you can reliably send information from one person to another. However, when you are in the business of healthcare, your focus is on the quality and safety of patients and using unproven technologies is a distraction which takes away from focusing on the patient…Cloud fax technology can be the solution to improve the digital transmission of information by eliminating the use of paper and, in the case of Dr. Escott, could have been his answer to integrating those COVID-19 test results into the Austin Public Health database – securely and efficiently.
Hopkins is focused on interoperability strategy and development with system partners using APIs, cloud technology and open platforms to optimize workflows, data and improve the patient and user experience. She is a registered nurse who consults and speaks on the impact of technology toward the improvement of clinical, patient and financial outcomes in healthcare.