Problem Solvers investigate beauty store in Park Meadows Mall after consumers warn of scam


LONE TREE, Colo. (KDVR) — Just weeks after losing her boyfriend of 40 years, Constance Steen was shopping as a form of therapy at the Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree when someone offered her a skin care product sample.

“I was approached by a woman who worked at one of the kiosks,” Steen said.

The woman who worked for Forever Flawless in the mall gave Steen a free sample which led to a free facial. Steen bought three years worth of products which charged $4,500 to a credit card, and she wrote a $10,681 check for a total of $15,181. 

“I got the heavy pressure about buying products with a woman who had pictures of them taken before they started the products and after and telling me I needed to do this for myself,” Steen said “The gentleman that was going to do the facial, took my card and it was declined.”

A declined card from a grieving older woman did…

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