Prices are up. Workers are quitting. The economy is out of whack


The global economy is out of whack and governments aren’t sure what to do.

The evidence is in a daily churn of headlines that lend themselves to alarming pronouncements.

Prices are rising. Inflation doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

On Wednesday, the government’s Consumer Price Index confirmed what anybody who has been to the grocery store already knew: US prices are up.

“Rising prices for food and shelter contributed more than half of this increase, while prices for new cars, household furnishings and car insurance also climbed,” writes CNN’s Anneken Tappe, adding that new car prices had their biggest one-year jump since 1980. The price of gas is up more than 40% in a year.

The roughly 70 million US Social Security recipients will get their largest cost of living adjustment since 1982, the government announced Wednesday — a $92 per month boost next year to an estimated average of $1,657 to help cover the rising costs.

Not everything is more expensive….

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