President Higgins speaks on events in the Middle East and more as part of National Famine Commemoration


He said the Famine was a defining moment for Ireland, and spoke about how it “released a cataclysmic period in our nation’s history”.

Speaking at Glasnevin Cemetery today as part of the National Famine Commemoration, President Michael D. Higgins drew comparisons between the Famine, Covid-19 and ongoing conflicts in the Middle East.

He commented that “no people are better thus equipped to understand the impact of the term ‘eviction’ from this period than the Irish people and their friends in the United States or elsewhere, who are aware of the Irish experience.

“Irish people can understand so well the events that tragically are unfolding elsewhere, as I speak, in the Middle East.”

This follows news that Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney has addressed the United Nations Security Council in a meeting on the conflict between Hamas and Israel, and the devastating…

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