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China’s rise and its impact on global politics has been a subject of much study for some time now. In the Indian context too, there has been no dearth of literature on the subject. But ever since the border crisis of 2020 and the Galwan Valley episode, the interest in China in general and in Sino-Indian relations in particular has attained a new salience. Despite it being a pandemic situation, publishers have not been reticent in coming out with books on a subject on which now everyone seems to have an opinion.

From retired diplomats to defence officials, from academics to policy wonks, and from journalists to fiction writers all have views to share on the state of play. And almost everyone is a hardliner now. Those who were pontificating about the possibility of China and India cooperating against an imperialist America are now advising the government to stand firm and not give an inch. The fickleness of…

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