Politics Of Clean Energy Transformation: Invest With Caution


Developments of the past few weeks have highlighted the push and pull that will be a part of the disruptive global transition from ‘dirty’ to clean energy. In June, two US oil giants ExxonMobile and Chevron, faced shareholder rebellion from the unlikely duo of climate activists and institutional investors for the failure to set out a low carbon growth strategy. A court in Hague ordered Shell to cut carbon emissions by 45 percent in the next 10 years.

Parallelly, China is facing its worst power crisis in a decade attributed to limits on coal usage, challenges of using renewable energy in extreme weather and surging post-pandemic demand. In the Middle East – state-run oil companies are planning to increase their market share as the companies in Europe and the US are forced to cut output. Amid all this, the technology war between the US and China is complicating the clean energy supply chain.

Given the environmental compulsions, while they move from…

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