Politics have entered the football pitch. Was it inevitable?


The EURO 2020 tournament, the first major international event since the outbreak of the pandemic, is finally coming to an end: after a shocking round of 16, and gruelling quarter and semi finals, the two teams set to fight for the coveted UEFA European Championship will be Roberto Mancini’s Italy and Gareth Southgate’s England.

When the Italian and English players step out onto Wembley Stadium’s historic pitch on Sunday evening, both teams will likely be taking the knee. One will be doing so out of solidarity for racial minorities, the other in solidarity with their opposition on the pitch.

England’s squad, which consists of nine black players, have consistently taken a knee throughout the competition, in a show of unity with the Black Lives Matter movement and the demonstrations that took place last summer throughout the United States and Western Europe.

The Italian outfit, which is an all-white squad, have been more erratic, taking the knee…

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