Politicians lining up to support Hochul are also sweating – Daily Freeman


If you were Governor Kathy Hochul, what would you be doing to win a full term in office? After all, you have a great deal going for you now. You’re a woman in the year of the women.

You’re an incumbent, which counts for a lot, although David Paterson, the last politician who succeeded an in-trouble governor (Eliot Spitzer) found himself unable to run for a full term. Ironically, it was then-Attorney General Andrew Cuomo who made sure that he would be the next governor at Paterson’s political expense. Of course, David Paterson had a pretty messy plate before him, as he made clear to everyone and it wasn’t that hard for hero-apparent Cuomo to grab the marbles.

Paterson was Black and an important player who may have been picked as lieutenant governor to balance the ticket he ran on. Likewise, Hochul was undoubtedly picked because she added a great deal of balance to the Cuomo gubernatorial ticket as a woman and an upstater. We all know that…

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