Political action committees made the difference in the runoff elections – Mid-City Messenger

Sheriff-elect Susan Hutson

By Danae Columbus, opinion columnist

It was no surprise that long-time criminal justice reform advocate Norris Henderson was standing right behind newly elected Sheriff Susan Hutson and her most powerful ally, District Attorney Jason Williams, at Saturday night’s election celebration. Most experts say Hutson would never be about to become the parish’s first female sheriff without the outside funds from political action committees operated by Henderson and others.

“PAC funds are the new tool in everyone’s political tool box. Though the candidates cannot control them, PACs have become a very effective way to either support or attack a candidate,” said one consultant. PACs can receive unlimited contributions but cannot coordinate with candidates directly. Yet through research and polling, PAC organizers can develop messages based on the strength and weaknesses of targeted candidates. 

The political action…

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