Police: Three Men pull gift card scam at business | Local News


Glynn County police are warning the public to be aware of cons after a cashier at Sam’s Club in Brunswick was flimflamed out of thousands of dollars.

Three men talking fast in international accents bamboozled a cashier out of several thousand dollars in a topsy-turvy gift card scam, Glynn County police said.

The con job included a phony Pennsylvania driver’s license, which was registered to a deceased woman, police said.

The crooks apparently went through the motions of buying gift cards from Sam’s Club, only to seek a refund of the cash they used to purchase them, police said.

The cash refund ended up a wash, but the convoluted transaction was apparently just a smoke screen for the real racket, according to the police report.

Only afterward did a manager realize the cards had been activated before they were…

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