Police, fire departments seek to hire tech support 


CHESHIRE — The Fire and Police Departments are joining forces in search of an individual who can update and modernize both departments’ technology systems.

The position, introduced as a possibility at a Town Council meeting last month by Councilor Sylvia Nichols, would replace the Cheshire Police Department Technology Coordinator. Mike Winters served in that position prior to his death.

“When Mike Winters passed away unexpectedly in October (2020), we were left without someone who could adequately address the technology issues at both the Police and Fire Departments,” Nichols said. “Winter’s position covered both departments and he was vital to our town.”

This new position, which would be called the Public Safety Network Administrator, would serve as the chief technical person in charge of and maintaining the technology for both departments. 

The position includes a pay classification grade of E-2 at 40 hours a week at an annual salary…

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