PJSC Sberbank : Sber discusses new technology at NAUKA 0+ festival


Representatives from Sber discussed the implementation of cutting-edge technology to improve banking processes and the general outlook for digitalization at NAUKA 0+. Sber has supported the forum since 2018, but special attention has been paid to this event, as 2021 has been declared the Year of Science and Technology in Russia. The expanded team includes top researchers and experts from the bank’s research laboratories and other divisions.

Speakers from Sber presented the following reports at the event:

  • Zurab Aslanov, financial expert, Sberbank First, “Investments from Scratch for Everyone.”
  • Mikhail Vladimirov, domain leader, Robotics Lab, “Robotics. Why Does it Apply to Everyone?”
  • Albert Yefimov, vice president for innovation and research, Sberbank, “Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence.”
  • Gleb Gusev, managing director, AI Lab, “Topology…

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