Phone scam targeting local businesses, NPD warns


NORFOLK, Neb. — The Norfolk Police Division sent out a press release letting Norfolk businesses know that there is a new phone scam targeting them. 

Police say the scammer calls the business, and when they reach an employee the scammer then tells them that cash from the business needs to be immediately sent out via some type of electronic transfer. 

They say the scammer tells the employee that they are getting instructions from the manager or owner of the business to do this. The scammers will say that it is for a fine or supplies order. 

Police say that most times the scammer will also make this sound as if it is extremely urgent and time is a factor. 

Authorities ask that businesses and employees treat any calls of this nature with skepticism, and suggest that the employee verifies any information requesting the transfer of money. To do so, ask a manager or the owner to verify. 

Police say that if anyone feels they have been a…

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