Phishing maintained near-record levels in the first quarter of 2021


The APWG’s new Phishing Activity Trends Report reveals that phishing maintained near-record levels in the first quarter of 2021, after landmark increases of 2020 in which reported phishing websites doubled.

The number of reported phishing websites peaked in January 2021 with an all-time high of 245,771 before declining later in the quarter. Still, March suffered more than 200,00 such attacks, the fourth-worst month in APWG’s reporting history.

“The APWG’s members are reporting more confirmed phishing attacks,” said Greg Aaron, Senior Research Fellow at the APWG, and the editor of the new report. “There are, however, many more attacks that are not reported in our data repository. That means these numbers are the floor, and that the situation out on the Internet is worse than the mounting numbers indicate.”

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