Phishing emails continue to make their way into UW-Eau Claire student’s emails – The Spectator


Last spring, the UW-Eau Claire Police Department worked to bring awareness to students, asking them to report any phishing scams before it was too late.

In a previous article, the UW-Eau Claire police saw two phishing scams taking place. One was emails sent from “professors” asking students for research help — otherwise known as a “make money fast” scheme — over social media messenger apps. 

Both would have students either buying and sending gift cards or sending money over electronic forms of payment like Apple Pay. 

This year, UW-Eau Claire police have seen the return of emails from so-called professors with research opportunities, along with them requesting students to buy and send over gift card information. 

“The email looks like it is from a UWEC account with the professor’s name, but there is usually (a few extra) characters in it,” Chris Kirchman, lieutenant of the UW-Eau Claire Police Department, said.

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