Philippines new victim of China’s sovereign ambition


For China, the SCS is peaceful and the nations, including the Philippines, are living there in complete harmony. The reason behind such bizarre thinking of the Beijing monarch is that all the smaller neighbours in the SCS are resigning themselves to a new normal, heavily pushed by the former’s muscle power and money in all these years

China’s violent forays into the South China Sea (SCS) are turning out to be threats to the neighbouring nations. China’s constant provocation towards the Philippines has forced the latter to embrace the US security umbrella. Nearly a swarm of 220-armed Chinese fishing vessels entered the Whitsun Reef in the SCS. This particular zone falls rightly within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and continental shelf of the sovereign territory of the Philippines.

It is not about withdrawing China’s “maritime militia” from the EEZ’s of the Philippines in the SCS for now….

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