People given chance to ‘come back from the dead’ after freezing their bodies for £85k


A company are offering people the chance to ‘come back from the dead’ using cryogenic freezers to store their corpses until science can bring them back to life.

Customers hoping to buy more time can expect a price tag of $150,000 Australian dollars roughly £84,793.

Their bodies will be submerged headfirst in liquid nitrogen and stored in a steel chamber at temperatures around -200C.

According to the Daily Mail, this gives the brain the best chance of survival if the chambers were to leak.

The company is the first of its kind in Australia. The hi-tech facility has set up shop in rural Holbrook, while its headquarters has can be found in Sydney.

The company are the first of its kind in Austalia

The not-for-profit organisation currently has 40 spaces, most of which have been reserved for the founders. However, the project has plans to add 600…

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