Pennsylvania court vacancies allow voters to shape judiciary | Politics


Wallace has been a lawyer since 2004 and in recent years involved solely in civil litigation. A solo practitioner, Wallace heads the bar association in northwestern Pennsylvania’s McKean County, population 40,000. Her law practice has brought her experience in banking law and unemployment matters.

She touts her involvement in community organizations and dismisses her “not recommended’ rating by the Judicial Evaluation Commission, run by the state bar association. She’s the only judge still in the running with that rating, but Wallace sees it as a sign the association should widen its criteria.

“I’m not their typical candidate and I’m not completely shocked they didn’t recommend me,” Wallace said. “What makes me qualified is I have substantive experience in the matters that Commonwealth Court deals with.”

Dumas said her tenure as a city judge since 2002 has brought her into contact with probation officers, the prison system, the school district and human…

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