Pathway to citizenship solves labor shortage – Arizona Capitol Times


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Given the realities of a labor market radically upended by the pandemic, Republicans in Congress have a historic opportunity to strengthen and expand our workforce while fostering economic growth when our nation needs it most. Free market conservatives, who believe our economy does best when employers and employees exchange work-for-wages, freely, without government interference, face two options. We can either work in a bipartisan manner to shape pending immigration bills like the bipartisan Durbin-Graham Dream Act, or foolishly risk having no voice at all when such legislation undergoes the reconciliation process at the hands of Democrats.   

Alex Nowrasteh

Alex Nowrasteh

 While the politics of using reconciliation to help people gain legal status are complicated, the economic effects are not. Aside from the Dream Act, bipartisan bills like the Bennett-Crapo Senate companion bill to the House’s Farm Workforce Modernization Act…

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