Outdoors column: Beware of scammers when shopping for ammo online | Kingman Daily Miner


Most sportsmen, including myself, are always looking for ammunition. Whether for hunting or self-defense, a lot of types of ammo just arenā€™t found in our local gun shops.

Case in point.

I recently learned that my 12-year-old grandson who lives in Oklahoma had drawn a youth antlerless elk tag in game management Unit 6A.

This is the second year in row he has drawn an Arizona elk tag.

Last year he was successful, but had a very tough hunt in Unit 10.

On that hunt he used a Remington Model 7 youth rifle with a shortened fiberglass stock. It fits him perfectly and is chambered for .260 Remington caliber. It was the pre-cursor to the now very popular 6.5 Creedmoor round.

I wanted to pick up a few boxes of the factory Remington ammo with the 140-grain bullet that Remington makes.

Checking with our local gun shops failed to produce any of that particular ammo. Itā€™s no wonder, as that ammo is…

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