Our five top financial markets risks for 2022


We were planning to run this article in the week before Christmas, but the top risk on our list is now manifesting itself early. Hence we decided to run this article out early in case any more of the risks on our list manifest themselves in the next few weeks!

It is important to note that these are risks which we think will have an impact on markets, or parts of them, if they occur next year. They are something investors need to be aware of and ideally prepare for if they can.

COVID 19 mutation

We are listing these in order of both magnitude and sadly likelihood. We have been expecting a COVID mutation “of concern” for quite some time, so the advent of Omicron in southern Africa comes as no surprise. The fact that many developed world countries are moving on to vaccine booster shots while millions of Africans still have no access to vaccines is creating scope for yet further mutations in countries where the vaccine program is slow.

“The Covid-19…

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