Otis Sanford’s Point of View on politics & repairing I-40 bridge


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — To the surprise of no one, the shutdown of the I-40 Bridge across the Mississippi River in downtown Memphis has become national news. And, of course, anytime there is national attention to be had, politicians will be somewhere close by.

Take for example Tennessee’s junior senator Bill Hagerty. This weekend, he fired off a letter to President Biden demanding immediate action by the administration to fix a major crack in one of the horizontal beams. The crack was discovered during a routine inspection last week. Hagerty said he was frustrated by the president’s lack of urgency in getting traffic moving again across the 48-year-old span.

I am not aware that Hagerty sent similar letters to Tennessee Governor Bill Lee or Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson. Their respective state Departments of Transportation are directly responsible for inspection…

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