Opportunity Ahead? A Week Of Negatives Increases Probability Of Stock Market Correction


The third quarter’s positive outlook stumbled coming out of the gate. The cause was four negatives that increased uncertainties:

  1.  China’s actions against US-listed Chinese companies
  2. Covid-delta’s expanding negative effects
  3. US government’s concerns/actions regarding large US companies
  4. Contrary stock pattern: Meme stock downward stagnation


None of these items argue for a serious stock market drop. However, the increased uncertainties do create the possibility of a stock market correction. Therefore, raising some cash now could be beneficial.

Disclosure: Author sold stock positions on Friday, July 9

1. China’s actions against US-listed Chinese companies

Besides the damage done to those companies’ operations and stock prices, there is the larger question about where else China might act to affect U.S. interests.


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