Opinion: The Trump brand of politics is spreading around the world

In the same way that Trump’s cry of “fake news!” — which he used with some success to discredit professional journalists — has been wielded by dictators to crush a free press in their countries, the claim of “rigged” elections is also being deployed by those who cannot win the support of voters as they try to acquire power.
With security officials in Washington bracing for the possibility of more violence ahead of the September 18 rally in support of insurrectionists charged in the Capitol riots, and as Trump strongly hints that he will run for reelection in 2024, his brand of politics continues to spread like a hard-to-contain infection that ignores national boundaries.
In Myanmar, also known as Burma, the military-backed party lost in a landslide last November, around the same time Trump lost his reelection by millions of votes. Perhaps the generals were watching Trump’s reaction. They immediately protested, claiming widespread fraud, adamantly

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