Opinion: The ominous signals Putin is sending

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called it “hysteria,” but the words of Russian officials have long lost their credibility. After all, it was Putin who turned gaslighting into a political weapon.
Denials aside, the West is concerned enough about Putin’s intentions that President Joe Biden and the Russian president are holding an urgent virtual meeting on Tuesday as experts warn about the growing risks of a new war.

Putin’s actions and intentions may be deliberately wrapped in a fog, but his track record is clear. If he’s allowed to advance his goals without serious consequences, he will continue to escalate his foreign policy of bullying and intimidation.

In 2014, as “little green men,” dressed in unmarked military uniforms deployed across Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, Putin denied they were his forces — until Russia took control of the territory and annexed it.
Anyone who paid attention to how Russia stole that strategic peninsula from a sovereign…

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