Opinion: The economy is in much better shape than the headlines would tell you


Inflation is through the roof.

There’s an oil crisis. A looming food crisis. You name it.

War is raging in Europe.

Russia’s president is starting to sound unhinged. And headlines are now linking him with chemical weapons and nuclear weapons.

Ohmyhgaad- Ohmyhgaad- Ohmyhgaad!

Things are so bad that stories which would normally be front page news—like the waves of Covid cases and deaths, China locking down cities, and North Korea firing off long range missiles—barely rate a mention.

Nuclear weapons?

No wonder stocks have been tanking this year.

U.S. consumer confidence numbers are at lows only seen during the global financial crisis and crises of the 1970s. Indicators like the American Association of Individual Investors’ weekly sentiment survey, and the CNN Fear & Greed Index, show investors are at extreme levels of misery.

If you’re tempted to cash out the stock funds in your IRAs and 401(k)s and hide under your desk, you are not…

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