Opinion | Laugh at the S.N.L. School Board Skit, Take Your Local Politics Seriously.


Angry activists have commandeered so many routine school board meetings in the past few months that “Saturday Night Live” — which typically reserves its political satire for politicians on the national stage — recently devoted a segment to satirizing one of these raucous meetings. Less humorously, Attorney General Merrick Garland has launched a push to address the nationwide uptick in violent threats against school board members, teachers and public school workers.

This week, communities across the country will vote in school board and other local elections. Americans should remember that for all the ways in which our political discourse has become nationalized, the structure of our democratic institutions continues to confer tremendous power to local governments.

Between protests against Covid policies and protests against critical race theory, the infusion of national politics into local meetings may seem like the latest iteration of…

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