Opinion: A scary portrait of life inside Trump’s White House


The sketches of life with Trump and his family that Grisham alleges are unquestionably titillating: her claims about the former president’s private interactions with Russian President Vladimir Putin; his concern about his masculine, shall we say, proportions; his puerile attitude toward women.

Then there are the allegations of pretension and power-grabbing by his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner — advisers to Trump — along with behind-the-scenes looks at key moments in White House life. All in all, an amusing retrospective of a bizarre presidency.

But Grisham’s stories — and those recounted in a slew of recent books by and about people with front-row seats to Trump’s presidency — are much more than that. They carry enormous weight today as we see Trump and his acolytes laying the groundwork to try to capture the presidency in 2024, apparently at any cost. Viewed in this context, they are dark portents.
When Grisham describes Trump’s

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