Opinion: A favor from Russian ransomware hackers

The Kremlin has a history of working with hackers, and many experts believe the cyberattacks would not be happening without some measure of consent from Putin. Given the strained relationship between both countries, one can easily picture Putin’s sporting his self-satisfied grin at the sight of the United States even mildly hobbled, looking vulnerable as the result of actions by clever Russian computer aces, as happened last month when Russian hackers struck the Colonial Pipeline, causing gasoline shortages and panic buying across the US Southeastern seaboard.

Biden should demand action from Putin, and he should take steps to make sure hackers who target the US, and the governments who facilitate their work or turn a blind eye to it, pay a price. Anything else will result in ever-escalating assaults on America’s ability to function.

And yet, the hacks and the ransomware attacks — in which cybercriminals demand money in exchange for releasing a computer…

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