Op-Ed: Diplomatic boycotts of Olympics getting under China’s skin – Australia joins diplomatic boycott, others likely to follow


Despite the lack of an official plan for the US to implement a so-called diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, several lawmakers have already publicly praised the idea – Copyright POOL/AFP/File Olivier DOULIERY

China’s relationship with the world is an interesting thing to watch. It goes from one totally unnecessary confrontation to another. The boycotts of the Olympics are yet another case in point.

Australia has just joined the US in a “diplomatic boycott”. That expression turns out to mean no Australian officials and perhaps only an Australian team cited by one source as 40 athletes, perhaps the smallest ever. (No way of knowing if that number is correct.)

Even more interesting is what is expected to be achieved by the exercise in mutual frustration by some parties:

The result so far has been a massive tantrum. Unspecified countermeasures against the US are already being referred to as “retaliation”….

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