Online loan scam drives man to attempt suicide in Jalandhar : The Tribune India


Tribune News Service

Avneet Kaur

Jalandhar, April 17

The next time you receive messages of pre-approved easy loan or find an app on Google Play Store offering loan assistance or easy loan with no paperwork, think twice before accepting such an offer. This could be a well-planned trap, which may not only land you in trouble but also entangle you and your family into a web of threats, abuse, blackmail and extortion.

The same has happened with city-based Sachiv Kumar (45), who in the past four days had gone through the toughest time of his life as he was badly bullied and threatened for taking a loan of Rs. 2,100 that he claims he had not even availed from a loan app on Play Store.

Sachiv told The Tribune that he had applied for an online loan of Rs. 3,500 on ‘Loan Assist’ app, which he found on Play Store on March 27 and the loan amount was to be repaid within…

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