Online Afghan humour: Laughter as resistance against Taliban


When a Taliban militant meets Afghan pop star Ayrana Sayeed, he tries to charm her.

“If you marry me, I will have a beard and a moustache and tanks. And I will build you a nightclub!”

The scene, completely unimaginable in real life with the singer now based in exile after fleeing in the wake of the Taliban’s takeover, is part of a satirical YouTube animation series that has captivated Afghans in recent weeks.

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It shows Sayeed appearing to be the militant in his dreams. But then the man, sleeping with his Kalashnikov slung around his shoulder, wakes up to reality to find he is in fact hugging a bearded fellow militant.

The militant is then shown in another video proudly showing off how life has changed in Kabul since the Islamist fundamentalists took control in mid-August.

He comes upon a woman wearing an Arab-style niqab face veil.

“Are you a genie, a fairy or a…

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