On money scams and how to avoid them


THE title of my column now may sound like a popular movie about finding magical creatures. In real life though, there exists individuals who are able to trick people into investing their hard-earned money on their highly dubious schemes.

At a certain time, when you need your money back, these individuals have a tendency of magically disappearing, together with yours and other people’s money. Even if the long arm of the law catches up with these types of people, often the money is already gone; and you are only left with disappointment and tears.

Today, I will be discussing some of the most popular financial scams, and how you would be able to avoid them.

Advance fee scams

IN the days when e-mail messaging was still new and spam folders did not exist, you may have received an e-mail from a certain prince who is about to receive his due inheritance. The problem is, he needs your help (and your money) to be able to access…

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